Our collaborations create beautiful products, with sustainability at their heart.

We’re just like you, wanting to do our bit to improve the planet. The only way we’re going to make a difference is by working together. We don’t have all the answers, but Hello Koala is our way of coming together to learn how to be better and create something beautiful while we do it.

Got something we should know about, or want to be involved, read on.


Collectively, we pick a new theme for each collection of designs.

Our selected designers submit their interpretations ready for print. Pick your favourite for whatever size space you’re trying to fill on your wall.

We like to celebrate all types of design. If you think your style is poster worthy, you can get involved!


We’re doing this with a bigger purpose in mind.

Everything from the paper to the materials we deliver our posters in have been chosen to be as sustainable as possible. But it doesn’t stop just there. We want to be able to support new designers and organisations doing great things for environmental sustainability. That’s why for every poster you buy, money goes back to the designer to help support their talents, and we also donate money to our chosen sustainability charity.

You can find out more on the charity we’re currently supporting by clicking the button below.



If everyone takes a small step, it can create a big change.